Saturday, 5 January 2013

On the Importance of Film Criticism

Oftentimes commoners, unfamiliar with the masturbatory pleasures of film criticism, ask themselves what the f*** is criticism for and who f***ing cares about what reclusive individuals have to say about a given film.
Well, the above video will dispell any residual doubt regarding the importance, dare I say, necessity of film criticism. It will also convert the skeptics and galvanize film critics to continue in their vital struggle to make sense of the screen. Enjoy it, seriously!

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  1. We may say of every approach to art that any analysis which fails to uncover hidden relationships in the work, and hence those that are not contained in the work misses the point of the object under scrutiny. To see inside the work means giving a more precise account of the ways in which the work’s truth-content and material content interpenetrate. At all events, a form of criticism which at no point establishes its solidarity with the truth contained in the work and which retains a hold only on externals, has no claim to our recognition.

    -Walter Benjamin, Fake Criticism