Thursday, 18 April 2013

Liberal Screens, Illiberal Wages

Rowenna Davis over at the New Statesman reports on the unhappy conditions of Curzon Cinemas workers:

"The popcorn is gourmet and the folding seats are deep, thick and blue. Coutts cards are common, free-thinking principles are a must and Petis Chablis is £8.50 a glass. The Curzon is more than a cinema. It’s a statement of identity.
But for the staff who put in the shifts, the Curzon means something different. Short staffed and short-changed, the young workers propping up these cinemas are stagnating on poverty wages and zero-hour contracts. They man the box offices, staff the bars, clean the screens, support Q&As and cash up – but they can’t afford the wasabi peas they serve. On £6.62 an hour, it would take them the best part of two days to afford a bottle of one of the finer wines behind their counters."

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